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The emergency of containers:

¿Cómo una de las mayores crisis del transporte marítimo de la historia puede afectar tu bolsillo? (Nota: BBC NEWS MUNDO)
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What does the nearly $ 500 million investment that Katoen Natie will make in the port that President Lacalle Pou announced?

The private operator commits to a final 30% tariff reduction on main services for exporters and importers and will build a new container beach.

(Nota: Diario El Observador)

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How to view the number of international postal parcels?

(Fuente: ADUANAS)

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International Postal Parcel Regime

(Source: IMPO)

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Dispatching company Gustavo Dendi was certified as a Qualified Economic Operator

(Fuente: ADUANAS)

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